Core Competencies


Our core competencies include Managed as well as non-Managed services. Solutions to every possible trait of Information Technology, starting from Digital Arts to IP Networks, Voice over IP, Telecom Services and much more

dgtel being an industry's emerging solutions provider, started it's operations in 2003 and provided customized solutions to Government, non-Government and Public/Private sectors. Our key goal has always been to provide the customer with a solution that is derived after going through in depth analysis & keen efforts of scrutinizing the customer's requirement.

We at dgtel have a bunch of quality producers; extremely cooperative and skillful Sales as well as highly technical operation staff; which has always been a key resource to the organization itself and has been equally beneficial to the customers.

Future Plans


Since inception, dgtel has been striving on being always ahead of market trends. All previously handled project and services offered by dgtel were proved to be a success story for the product was introduced well ahead and pretty in-time.

The professionals involved in our business development are having firm knowledge of the industry and have great visionary powers. Using the most appropriate and technology driven approach, dgtel is moving on to it's future plans and has been very keen to discuss them with it's partners as well as clients. We welcome all the enterprenures open-heartedly to join us, together we may acheive the desired results to entertain our mutual individual target markets.

We are very much positive that such a positive approach has proven to be a key to success; today's business trends are demanding a horrizontal business expansion approach instead of a vertical to survive the competetion and extract the max out of it.


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IT Solutions include:
* Network Solutions
* Software Development
* Web Design, Development & Programming
* B2B & B2C Solutions
* Systems Solutions
* VoIP Solutions


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